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Westbury....a green neighborhood

What is the Westbury Area Improvement Corp doing?

We are working on a comprehensive master plan to improve Westbury’s underutilized and for the most part “undiscovered” 7 miles of esplanades and many miles of drainage and pipeline easements and vacant property that cover 100 acres.   Our goal is to create a plan that will provide 1.) much needed green space for our neighborhood with the creation of linear parks, gardens and jogging/walking/biking trails and 2.) habitat for our wildlife with the rehabilitation of these areas into “Habitat Highways ™”  while improving our quality of life through the creation of a “Green Network”.


What is Westbury? Westbury is Houston’s second largest subdivision with almost 5,000 homes  covering 1800 acres and was developed in the 1950's long before master planned communities thought of green space, trails and connectivity.  The Wesbury Super Neighborhood #37 in which it is located covers 2,368 acres and adds another 3,500 multi family housing units to the neighborhood; bringing our population to 20,000 (2015). 

There are 3 city parks:  1.)  Westbury Park  (6 acres) adjacent to Parker Elementary which has a City of Houston swimming pool;  2.)  Hager Park (9.5 acres) adjacent to Anderson Elementary  and 3.) Chimney Rock Park (3 acres) which has  the Platou Community Center and is adjacent to the Willow Waterhole Bayou. 

 Directly south of this Willow Waterhole Bayou lies the 280 acre Willow Waterhole Greenspace and the additional 30 acres that was Shell Research center. 

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Westbury Green Spaces

Westbury Park

Chimney Rock Park

Hager Park

Westbury Community Garden

Willow Waterhole Greenspace

Hillcroft Linear Park

Trails:  Off the beaten path


Levitt Pavilion Houston

Dog Park



Plant 10,000 trees

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