The Westbury SuperNeighborhood (SN) 

Westbury became a recognized SuperNeighborhood in March of 2005.  This is the mechanism by which the City of Houston disseminates information on many of their programs. Each SN has its own bylaws, but here is an overview of how the Westbury SN works.  We have a two-part council, and official SN proclamations are approved by the boards of both organizations – the Westbury Area Improvement Corporation and the Westbury Civic Club, both of which meet on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. 

The non-profit 501c3 partner, the Westbury Area Improvement Corporation (WAIC), hosts the morning Westbury SN meeting at 9:30 AM on the 3rd Wednesday each month.  Since this meeting occurs during business hours, this is the meeting attended by representatives from the local businesses, apartments, schools, churches, and community organizations.  Schools are an important part of our neighborhood and the Principal or Assistant principals from Parker Elementary, Anderson Elementary, Johnston Middle, and Westbury High bring updates about their schools.   

Most months  also have constituent representatives at the meeting on behalf of local politicians:  District K , Texas House of Representative and Senate , and the Mayor’s assistance office (The Department of Neighborhoods  (DoN).  Often we have representatives from METRO, Public Works, the Parks dept, Solid Waste and others.


Community people at the meeting represent different organizations in the neighborhood such as   Friends of Westbury Greenspaces;   Westbury Little League;  Westbury Community Garden; SWHouston 2000; the BOMD; the WCC, the Brays Bayou Association; theStones Throw HOA( the patio home community located just south of Westbury High School); Friends of Westbury High school; Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy; Levitt Pavilion Houston; Neighborhood to Trails SW; Friends of Chimney Rock Park.   

The second half of the SN meeting takes place on the 3rd Wednesday at 7PM at the monthly WCC meeting. The members of the WCC board attend and all residents are invited to come. 

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