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2022 WAIC  Board of Directors and Officers

  • Becky Edmondson – President                                  

  • David Roschke – Vice-President                             

  •  Susan Shafer – Secretary

  •  Marcia Hartman – Treasurer

  • CIVIC: up to ( 5) representatives 

  • Westbury Civic Club – Cindy Chapman or alternate

  • Westbury Square Townhomes Inc -   VACANT  

  • Westbury Garden Townhomes -  Susan Shafer or alternate  

  • Stones Throw -   VACANT


  • SCHOOLS: (5) 

  • Westbury High School – Principal or Alternate

  • Meyerland Middle School – Principal or Alternate

  • Anderson Elementary School – Principal or Alternate 

  • Parker Elementary School – Principal or Alternate 


  • BUSINESS: up to (3) representatives  

  • Rieger CPA – Ralph Rieger

  • Harrison Stow- WPI

  • Brooke Thompson


  • COMMUNITY: up to (5) representatives 

  • Cappy Selig 
  • Marcia Hartman

  • Becky Edmondson

  • Sylvester Reeder


  • PRESIDENTIAL APPOINTEES: up to (3) representatives 

  • Westbury Community Garden - President ,



  • RELIGIOUS /CHARITABLE: up to (5) representatives 

  • Southwest Ministerial Assn. – David Roschke or alternate

  • Willow Waterhole Greenspace Conservancy – Bill Burhans or alternate

  • NTTSW – Eugene Sirls or alternates Robin Fortinberry / Stephen Polnaszek

  • Friends of Chimney Rock Park – Hazel Potvin or alternate Janie Schexnayder


Interested in joining our board?

Incorporated in 1991, the purpose of the 501c3 non-profit WAIC (Westbury Area Improvement Corporation) is to improve the quality of life for residents of the Westbury area of Houston, Texas. The WAIC and the Westbury Civic Club jointly make up the Westbury37 SuperNeighborhood, as defined by the City of Houston. The WAIC board has representatives from local schools, non-profit institutions, businesses, local organizations, plus residents who live within the boundaries of the Westbury SuperNeighborhood.    


Focus areas include:
* Support and manage the Westbury Community Garden
* Support for public parks & green spaces (Chimney Rock Park, Hager Park, Westbury     Park, Willow Waterhole Park, Levitt Pavilion Houston, trails and esplanades, and the Westbury Community Garden)
* Support for local schools & youth enrichment
* Support for programs at the city Platou Community Center
* Relationships between local businesses and residents
* Services from city, state, and federal governments

The monthly WAIC & SuperNeighborhood meeting occurs every third Wednesday at 9:30 AM.  When we meet in person it is at St John's Presbyterian Church at 5200 West Bellfort.  Right now we are meeting virtually through Zoom. Email to get a link or watch Live on Facebook at WAIC Houston.

Whatever your passion; green space, healthy eating, trails, schools, libraries, music and more!

 there is a project in Westbury for you!

Friends of Westbury Park

Friends of Hager Park

Friends of Chimney Rock Park

Friends of Trails

Friends of Westbury Schools

Friends of the WAIC general donation

Friends of the Belrose library

Willow Waterhole Greenspace

Levitt Pavillion Houston

Westbury Community Garden

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